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Albania is a country that in recent years has been increasingly chosen as a destination, especially summer vacation. It offers tourists a beautiful and very varied coast with clean beaches and an atmosphere of still undiscovered paradise.

Currently, the coast is considered the greatest tourist asset of Albania. The main holiday resorts are the city of Durres located near Tirana and the so-called Albanian Riviera stretching between Wlora and Saranda. It is this southern part of the coast that is considered the most beautiful because the beaches are limited here by the mountains falling steeply into the blue sea. Accommodation facilities have been raising its standard for many years and offers tourists accommodation conditions comparable to those in other Balkan countries.

The coast is not the only part of Albania worth visiting. Monument lovers can also find something for themselves. Durres is known for its Roman monuments, in Kruja you can see the preserved bazaar street and the Skanderbega castle rebuilt in the 20th century. The most valuable, however, are the UNESCO-listed Butrint with the ruins of the ancient city, the city of a thousand windows, Berat, in which Turkish architecture has survived, and Gjirokaster with old buildings and a huge fortress.

Against this background, the capital of Tirana looks somewhat inconspicuously, but you can also find interesting places in it, among them the 18th century Ethem Beja mosque, eclectic buildings from the interwar period, or a curiosity, the pyramid-mausoleum of the communist leader Enver Hoxha, damaged today.

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