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Gjirokastër Fortress

Local name: Kalaja e Argjirose

The castle in Gjirokaster was built in the 12th century. The citadel with the clock tower was recognized as a national monument. The fortress is located on a hill and dominates the Old Town, which has been entirely inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Behind the castle walls there is a museum of military items from World War II with the remains of the intercepted American reconnaissance aircraft Lockheed T-33. From the observation deck there is a beautiful panorama of the stone Gjirokaster.

The castle over the years has been rebuilt several times and served many functions. During the reign of Ali Pasha, the fortress was a military fortress, while during World War II it was a shelter for the city's inhabitants from bombing. The government of King Ahmed Zogu used the facility as a political prison.

The National Folklore Festival takes place every few years in the castle's courtyard. The spectacle was created to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of Enver Hodży - communist leader of Albania from Gjirokaster.


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