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Ethnographic Museum

Local name: Muzeu Etnografik

The Ethnographic Museum in the Albanian town of Gjirokastra is located in the Palorto district, which is the best-preserved district of the old city. It was established in the house of the communist dictator Enver Hodży, who ruled Albania in 1944-1985. The current building was rebuilt in 1966 to replace the original building that burned down in a fire.

The house is furnished in a traditional style, and each room looks as if it was still used by the household. Intricate wood carvings and authentic costumes bring to mind Ottoman culture. Exhibits are primarily everyday objects, folk costumes and cultural artifacts. The building has four floors, each of which is open to the public.

In 1966-1991 the building served as the Antifascist Museum. In 1991, exhibits from the previous Ethnographic Museum were moved. The new design of the building destroyed in the fire was to reflect the traditional style of the houses in Gjirokastra. Many classic elements were chosen, which were copied from other buildings located in the city.


Attractions inside

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