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Orthodox Cathedral Resurrection of Christ

Local name: Katedralja Orthodhokse Ngjallja e Krishtit

The Cathedral of the Resurrection is located in the center of Tirana, near Skanderbeg Square. It is a modern church built on a square plan with a shiny dome. Next to the building there is a tower that looks like four connected paschal candles. The interior is decorated with mosaics and gilding. An Orthodox cultural center operates at the cathedral.

The construction of the cathedral was completed in 2014. It is the third largest church in the Balkans. It is finished with rare minimalism in Albania and without excessive amount of decorations. A dome rises above the square nave. Its interior and side cavities are filled with mosaics. Gilded doors with bas-reliefs lead into the interior.

In the basement of the church, on two floors, there is a concert, conference and bookshop. The cultural center also has an amphitheater at the cathedral.


Attractions inside

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