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Skanderbeg Square

Local name: Sheshi Skënderbej

Skanderbeg Square is the main square in Tirana, the capital of Albania. Its name comes from the nickname of the Albanian national hero and commander Gjergj Kastrioti. The square covers an area of approximately 40,000 square meters, over which the Skanderbeg statue on a horse towers. On the square there are buildings such as the Palace of Culture, the Opera and Ballet Theater, the National Bank and the National Library.

Skanderbeg Square was designed by Florestano Di Fausto and Armando Brasini, who were strongly inspired by the neo-Renaissance style. This happened during the Italian invasion of Albania. The current square is the result of many renovations that were supposed to modernize and Europeanise the square. The 2016 project assumed the creation of larger green areas around the square, the construction of an underground car park, and the use of stone from all corners of Albania and the lands inhabited by Albania.

At Skanderbeg Square there is a clock tower from 1830, which until the 1970s was the tallest building in Tirana and the Haji Ethem Beja mosque, whose construction was completed in 1823. It is also worth visiting the alley with government buildings and the square of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.


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