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Shkodër is located near the northern border of Albania, on Skadar Lake. It is a large commercial and industrial center, and tourists are attracted primarily by the ruins of the Rozafa fortress standing on the hill.

The city was founded as an Illyrian settlement, which was successively under the rule of Rome, Byzantium, Venice and Turkey.

The Shkodra Center is primarily a contemporary building with an admixture of several 19th century buildings. The most impressive of them is the cathedral of St. refurbished after 1990. Szczepana from the nineteenth century. There is also the neoclassical Migjeni Theater, considered to be one of the best stages in the country. You can also visit the Historical Museum with collections about the history of the area and the Museum of Photography with one of the largest collection of photos from the history of the country in Albania.

Shkodra's most important monument is located outside its center. It is the Venetian fortress of Rozafa standing on a hill. Its defensive walls, remains of the church and residential buildings have been preserved. From the top of the hill there is a magnificent view of the Buba and Drin rivers, the lake and mountains.

Nad Buną is a popular swimming pool with a small water park. You can also go to Skadar Lake, where there are wild beaches, water equipment rentals and walking paths.

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