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St. Stephen's Cathedral

Local name: Katedralja e Shën Shtjefnit

The Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of the Good Council in Shkodër is a neo-Romanesque building with a high belfry added at the end of the 20th century. Destroyed during the communist period, the temple is renovated. Inside, only the wooden ceiling has survived from the original decor. You can also see the statue of John Paul II.

The cathedral was built in the nineteenth century in the neo-Roman style with neo-Renaissance elements. During the communist period, the tower was demolished and the building changed into a sports hall. Renovation work began immediately after the fall of communism, and in 1993 the temple was consecrated again by John Paul II.

It is a three-nave building with a basilica layout. A Neo-Roman rosette is placed in the facade above the entrance. The renovated interior is quite simple. In the square in front of the cathedral there is an obelisk dedicated to Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and a small exhibition dedicated to her in the presbytery.


Attractions inside

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    Gerej 25 Shkodër , Albania