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Marubi National Museum of Photography

Local name: Muzeu Kombëtar i Fotografisë Marubi

The Marubi National Museum of Photography is located in the center of Shkodra. It is primarily dedicated to the works of the outstanding Italian photographer and painter Pietro Marubi, who lived in Shkodër since 1850. The exhibition presents the equipment of his studio and photographs taken by him. There are also later photos showing the history of Albania.

Pietro Marubi emigrated from Italy to Shkoder in 1850. He was threatened with arrest for favoring Garibaldi. Here also developed his photographic workshop. His first preserved photographs come from 1858 and are real treasures in the world of photography. Until his death at the beginning of the 20th century, Marubi documented the life of Albania. He photographed the most important people of the political and cultural scene there.

At the museum exhibition you can see both photos taken by Pietro Marubi and later photographers. They show key moments in the history of Albania and portray the local society. The master's studio's appearance was also restored. His cameras, photo development devices and personal items are exhibited.


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