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Ebu Bekër Mosque

Local name: Xhamia Ebu Bekër

The Great Mosque in Shkodër, also known as the Ebu Beker Mosque, is an 18th-century building, but almost completely rebuilt in 1995. It is built on a square plan with a huge silvery dome and semicircular windows at its base. The interior is simple, almost ascetic, decorated with quotes from the Koran.

The mosque was built in the 18th century. It was the seat of the Koranic school and an important center of religious life. During the reign of Hodża fell into ruin. It was rebuilt at the end of the 20th century thanks to financial assistance from Saudi Arabia.

The mosque towers above the center of Shkoder. Its shiny dome is visible from afar. It has very simple forms, but its interior, despite the harshness, is finished with a trail. A huge round chandelier hangs from the ceiling, on the eastern wall there is a carved platform for the imam. The interior is very bright, thanks to the large windows both in the prayer room itself and in the base of the dome.


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