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St. Anthony Church

Local name: Kisha e Shna Ndout Laç

The sanctuary of Saint Anthony of Padua is located in the northern part of Albania, above the town of Lac. It is the main Catholic pilgrimage center in the country. There is a small church and a Franciscan monastery. A large concrete cross was placed on the top above the monastery.

The cult of Saint Anthony lasts in Lac from the 15th to the 16th century. However, the monastic traditions in this place date back to the 12th century. In the mid-sixteenth century, a small stone church stood here with a recess in which the figure of the saint was placed. Today, both Albanian and Orthodox Catholics and even Muslims come here. Saint Anthony is the most popular saint in these regions.

About one million pilgrims come to Lac every year in June. They not only visit the church, but also cross a steep road from the village touching the stones on which the saint was to walk and also light candles on them symbolizing the plea for intercession.


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    Rruga Kisha e Shna Ndout 4700 Laç , Albania