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Shkoder-Pult Diocesan Museum

Local name: Muzeu Dioqezan Szkoder-Pult

The Shkodra-Pult diocesan museum in the Albanian city of Shkodër is a gallery whose main mission is to collect, store and present the historical religious and cultural heritage of Albanians. The museum project was created thanks to the will of Archbishop Shkodra, Angelo Massafra, and the place where the gallery was opened is closely connected with the cathedral of St. Stephen, who became an integral part of the museum narrative.

In the collection of the Shkodra-Pult Diocesan Museum, tourists can admire religious works of art, sacred objects, fragments of documents, as well as everyday objects. Exhibits, which for various reasons could not be stored in their original place of origin, are displayed on two floors of the gallery. The museum is divided into two large units, on the ground floor there is a part of the collection called "Places and signs in time", while on the first level you can see the exhibition "Voices, faces and testimonies".

The museum also organizes temporary exhibitions to present the collection to residents and tourists. An important mission of the Shkodra-Pult museum is also to prepare educational projects for various target groups.


Attractions inside

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    4000 Shkodër , Albania