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Niagara Falls

Local name: Vodopad Nijagara

The waterfall commonly known as "Montenegrin Niagara" is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in this country, located near Podgorica, on the Cijevna River. Of course it is much smaller than its American namesake, but the similarity is striking. It is very wide with many side streams near the main waterfall. Unfortunately, it can only be viewed from above, descent below is not possible due to the depth of the canyon carved by the river.

This place is little known among foreign tourists, but the inhabitants of Podgorica and the surrounding area are eager to swim in the Cijevna River. On its banks, near the waterfall, there is a restaurant "Niagara". It is open all year round and offers great Montenegrin cuisine (including carp and river trout). Montenegrin Niagara is the most impressive in spring. Water coming from thaws flows down sharply, and the banks are covered with spring flowers.


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    Podgorica , Montenegro