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Orthodox Cathedral Resurrection of Christ

Local name: Katedralja Orthodhokse Ringjallja e Krishtit

The Cathedral of the Resurrection is a monumental, modern building rising in the center of Korcza. Its colors are pink, blue and brown. The cathedral has a magnificent nave crowned with a dome. On the sides there are two square towers. The interior is made of mahogany wood. A huge iconostasis was also carved out of it.

The new cathedral stands on the site of an earlier temple dedicated to Saint George, which was demolished by the communist authorities of Albania in 1968. The building was intended to resemble the Hagia Sophia of Istanbul. However, its shape is hard to find an analogy.

It is built with a flourish of stone blocks. It is crowned with a large dome, and the towers look as if they were flanking the presbytery. An impressive staircase leads to the interior. It is kept in a white color, which contrasts with the dark, mahogany iconostasis and the borders of the paintings standing under the walls of the bench.


Attractions inside

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