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Durrës Archaeological Museum

Local name: Muzeu Arkeologjik Durrës

Since 2015, the Archaeological Museum in Durres has been operating in a new museum located on the coast. It is the largest collection of archaeological monuments in Albania. It presents items from the Greek, Hellenistic and Roman periods discovered during excavations in the city and its immediate surroundings.

The Archaeological Museum exists in Durres and has existed since the mid-20th century. However, it was closed in 2010 due to poor technical condition. A new building was built for him on the coast. Today it is a modern museum that presents the rich history of Durres and its surroundings in antiquity.

At exhibitions you can see architectural elements, dishes, mosaics, tools, jewelry and sculptures from the Greek, Roman and Hellenistic periods.


Attractions inside

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    Rruga Taulantia 322000 Durrës , Albania