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Durrës is Albania's second largest city and the most important resort on the northern coast. Existing since the 7th century BC, the city boasts several monuments from Roman times, as well as a wide, sandy beach.

The city was founded as a Greek colony, and then for several centuries it was under Roman rule. It is from this period that its most important monuments originate, including the ruins of the ancient amphitheater, baths and remains of the agora. In the vicinity of the port, the remains of walls from Venetian times and the tower have survived.

After the period of Turkish rule, Durrës became a popular resort for the Tiran elite in the interwar period. To this day, there is the palace of King Zog in the art deco style. However, most of the buildings come from the times after World War II.

The beaches of Durrës are located south of the center. They are wide and sandy and equipped with deckchairs and umbrellas. Some hotels located directly on the shore have their own purchased beach fragments for guests' use, but there are also public areas.

In the vicinity there are many bars and restaurants, as well as numerous shops, souvenir stands and two piers from which you can enjoy beautiful sunsets.

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