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Himara Castle

Local name: Kalaja e Himares

Himara Castle is located in the Albanian city of Himara, located on the Ionian Sea. The ruins of the fortress located on a hill attract tourists who want to visit the monuments of Albania. A beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and the sea spreads from the hill. The entire complex consists of a dozen or so buildings, partly inhabited and open to visitors.

Himara Castle is a charming place near Livadhi beach, which has the reputation of being the most beautiful in all of Albania. The riviera can also be admired from the top of the hill, on which are the ruins of Himara Castle. The stronghold is one of the most popular attractions of the village high above sea level. The location of the building means that tourists must climb the hills to visit the remains of the castle. First, their eyes will show still inhabited buildings, then quite extensive ruins.

There is also a school and church near the castle. Tourists can talk to the residents of the building and take part in a valuable history lesson. It is worth climbing here especially in the evening and admiring the beautiful sunset from Himara Castle.


Attractions inside

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