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Himarë is a resort town on the Albanian Riviera. It is famous for its beautiful beaches covered with fine, light gravel and the Greek atmosphere associated with the large Greek community living here.

From ancient times, Himarë was associated with Greece. It was founded by the Chaons as a Greek colony, and then it was part of Rome and Byzantium. Even in Turkish times, there was a large Greek community here, and now the Greek language has almost equal rights here with Albanian. In the restaurants you can eat dishes known also on the southern side of the border, and the atmosphere of the city has a lot of the Greek Riviera.

Little Himarë lies at the foot of the Llogara Mountains, and in its vicinity there is the famous panorama Llogara pass, through which the road leads. Olives and citrus trees are grown in the area surrounding the city, which gives them a southern character.

Himare's biggest attraction are its beaches, such as Dhermi Beach, Livadhi Beach, Gjipe Beach, Spillese Beach and Palase Beach. Most of them are outside the village, in small, picturesque coves and at the foot of the hills. The beaches in Himare itself are well developed, with the possibility of renting holiday equipment. The entrance of the picturesque Gjipe Canyon is located on Gjipe Beach.

In the oldest part of Himarë you can see historic stone houses, and above the ruins of the Himara castle rise, from which you can admire the panorama of the area. The village also has a good offer for people who like active tourism. You can dive and practice water sports here.

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