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Butrint National Park

Local name: Parku Kombëtar i Butrintit

The Kombëtar and Butrintit Park, or Butrint National Park, includes hills, backwaters, wetlands (including salt marshes), plains and freshwater lakes. The park also has remains of the ancient settlement of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This park was awarded by the British daily The Guardian as one of the 10 best national parks in Europe.

Butrint National Park was established in 2000 and has an area of about 9.5 thousand hectares. It is inhabited by over 1200 various species of plants and animals (including many species of waterfowl).

The settlement of Butrint was founded by the Illyrians. In the following centuries it came under the rule of the Greeks and Romans, and later also of the Ottoman Turks. You can see here the remains of ancient houses, the amphitheater from the 3rd century BC, the baptistery from the 7th century, as well as the ruins of the Roman baths and the chapel from the 5th century.


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