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Church of the Holy Trinity

Local name: Kisha e Shën Triadhëst

The Church of the Holy Trinity in Berat is an Orthodox temple, located in the city of Berat, in northern Albania. The property lies on a hill, among the remains of a castle in the Old Town of Beratu. Legends say that the founder of the church was Andronikos Palaiologos, because it is his name that appears on the stone plaque preserved inside the temple. Since 1948, the monument is on the list of Albanian cultural monuments.

Tourists will find the Church of the Holy Trinity just next to the second row of city walls in Berata. The exact date of the uprising is unknown, but it is estimated that the church was built in the period 1302–1326, when Andronikos Palaiologos was the governor of the city.

The church in Berat was built on a cruciform plan, using the clausonage technique. The style of the temple refers to the characteristic technique of building Byzantine churches in southern Albania between the 12th and 15th centuries. On the walls of the Church of the Holy Trinity, tourists can admire the partially preserved frescoes of unknown artists from the 15th century.


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