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Ethnographic Museum

Local name: Muzeu Etnografik

The Berat National Ethnographic Museum is located in the town of Berat in central Albania. Established in 1979, the gallery presents various everyday objects from various historical periods in Berat. The Ethnographic Museum's resources include original furniture, ceramic vessels and chimneys.

In the Albanian Ethnographic Museum in Berat, tourists will also find other exhibits that reflect the daily life history of residents. The most valuable souvenirs are wooden boxes, wall cabinets and a well. The collection also includes instruments such as olive press and wool presses that have served the Berat population for many years.

On the ground floor of the National Ethnographic Museum in Berat there is an exact model of the medieval street of the town. On both sides of the model there are miniatures of traditional stores. The second floor of the gallery is an archive, a living room and a kitchen. These and other objects of important historical importance constitute the cultural heritage of the inhabitants of the city of Berat.


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