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Old Town of Berat

Local name: Qytetin e Vjetër në Berati

Berat is a city in south-central Albania and the capital of Berat County, as well as one of the oldest permanently inhabited cities in the world. The Old Town, which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008, consists of three parts: Kalaja, on the castle hill, Mangalem, at the foot of the hill and Gorica, on the left bank of the Osum River. The old town of Berat is a wealth of buildings of historical and architectural importance surrounded by mountains, forests and rivers.

The most striking feature of the city of Berat is the collection of white Ottoman houses climbing along the castle hill. Thanks to these buildings, the place is often called the city of a thousand windows. At the very top of the hill is the citadel towering over the city, from which a beautiful view of the river and the modern city and the old Christian quarter spreads.

The old town of Berat is full of churches and mosques, which is the result of the coexistence of various religious and cultural communities for several centuries. Nearby there are also several restaurants serving local delicacies and a park where you can enjoy a coffee. Impressive views, well-preserved monuments and a truly historic atmosphere make the city of Berat a popular Albanian tourist attraction.


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