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Fortress of Bashtovë

Local name: Kalaja e Bashtovës

Bashtovë Fortress is a medieval stronghold built on a quadrangular plan, located near the influence of the Shkumbin River to the Adriatic Sea in central Albania. The castle was built in the 15th century and served the Venetians for trade. Currently, the ruins of the Bashtovë fortress are one of the cultural monuments of Albania and have been placed on the initial list to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The unique feature of this Bashtovë fortress is that it is the only castle in the Balkans built in the field. The building is a north-south rectangular structure with three entrances and three round towers 12 meters high. From the walls of the castle, 9 meters high, you can enjoy views of the Durres, Divjaka and Karavasta Bays.

Tourists wanting to visit the remains of the fortress must go to the village of Vile-Bashtove. While in the area, it is also worth observing the Shkumbim River and fishing boats floating on it, have lunch at Lake Djvjaka or go to the nearby Kavaja Castle. To the north of the Bashtovë fortress is also a beautiful, endangered laurel forest.


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