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Kruja is a city-symbol for Albanians. It was the first city liberated by Skanderbeg from Turkish rule. Today, the hero's museum, located in the castle rebuilt during the reign of Enver Hoxha, reminds of it.

Kruja owes its fame to the Albanian national hero and commander who in 1433 liberated the city from the hands of the Turks and made it his seat. For this reason, it is considered to be the first capital of Albania, and despite the few preserved monuments, it is among the most important tourist destinations in the country.

The biggest attraction of the city is the Krui Castle, which dates back to the medieval times. However, today's visitors will find this building a great surprise. All thanks to the Albanian communist leader Enver Hoxha, who ordered the reconstruction of the local castle with reference to the architecture of socialist realism. The daughter of the leader herself participated in the design works, and the building, which was built on the site of a medieval stronghold, can be safely called a communist image of the castle.

The fortress walls house two of the city's most important museums, the Skanderbeg Museum telling the story of the hero, and the Krui Ethnographic Museum. This facility is one of the most valuable in the country and presents national costumes, handicrafts, tools and household utensils from all over Albania.

Below the castle there is a small old town surrounded by modern buildings. Its axis is the Bazaar in Krui with wooden houses with shops and crafts workshops. Right next to it, there is the Bazaar Mosque, which is open to the public outside of prayer times. An interesting fact of the city are two monasteries of Bektashites, a religious sect originating from Islam. They are Tekke Sari Salltik and Chanaka Dollma.

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