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Gojan Waterfall

Local name: Ujvara e Gojanit

Gojanit is a waterfall in northern Albania, near Gjegjan in Shkoder County. The 30-meter high cascade is an important tourist attraction and a real monument of nature in Albania. The waterfall is easily accessible due to its close proximity to the national road. Tourists can admire a natural attraction in the vicinity of a small tunnel.

The waterfall is located in the village of Gojan, about 120 kilometers from Tirana and remains the greatest asset of the town. It is worth stopping at the cascade to admire the beauty and charm of the water flowing down the rock. Gojan can be an interesting stop along the route between the municipalities of Gjegjan.

The cascade also looks beautiful in the winter season, when its waters freeze under the influence of low temperatures. This natural monument of Albanian nature, surrounded by beautiful views and untouched by human nature, encourages you to slow down and pay homage to nature. A long bandage of water falling on the rocks is a must see item in the Shkoder region.


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