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Olomouc is the historical capital of Moravia and one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic. It owes this name above all to the preserved in excellent condition Old Town with many valuable churches and the baroque plague column entered on the UNESCO list.

The history of Olomouc is over 1,000 years old, and already in 1067 a bishopric existed here. To this day, the main church of the city remains the Gothic cathedral of St. Wit. Next to it stands the former bishop's palace, which now houses the Archdiocesan Museum. Exhibits related to the history of the diocese and collections of sacred art are presented here.

The center of Olomouc is not large, but very interesting. Between the cathedral and the market square the streets are filled with baroque tenements and palaces with richly decorated facades. The city also has several fountains from this period, which depict characters known from mythology. On the market, which is also the main square of the city, there is a gothic town hall, on the wall of which you can admire the socialist-realist version of the astronomical clock with figurines depicting various social groups living in the city. However, the greatest monument of this place is the baroque, decorated with sculptures, Holy Trinity Column, also called the plague column, because it was a votive offering for saving the city from epidemics. An interesting monument of the Old Town is the early Gothic church of St. Maurice, from whose tower you can admire the panorama of the area.

Olomouc is famous in the Czech Republic for the production of Olomouc cheeses, which thanks to their intense taste are a great appetizer for beer. You can taste them in every beer house and restaurant, and in the nearby Lostice visit the museum devoted to their production using traditional methods.

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