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Archdiocesan Museum

Local name: Arcidiecézní muzeum

The Archdiocesan Museum is an institution whose collections cover various fields of art from the period from the 12th to the 18th century. It is located in the former House of the Chapter, and includes also the Przemyślidów Palace and the chapel of Saint Barbara, where you can admire the preserved Romanesque and Gothic architectural elements.

The main museum exhibition includes painting and sculpture. You can see here mainly works of art from Moravian churches. They present various architectural styles. There are both Gothic Pieta and statues of saints, as well as baroque figures of gilded angels. The collection of paintings includes religious themes as well as landscapes and genre scenes.

Part of the Museum is the former Przemyślid Palace and the chapel of Saint Barbara. Inside, you can admire preserved Romanesque portals, gothic vaults and stonework wall decorations. In the Chapter House connected to it, where paintings are presented, you can see Baroque interior decorations.


Attractions inside

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