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Cathedral of St. Vaclav Olomouc

Local name: Katedrála sv. Václava Olomouc

Saint Wenceslas Cathedral belongs to the most characteristic buildings of Olomouc. Its 100-meter tower is the second highest in the Czech Republic. It is a Gothic building with neo-Gothic elements. Inside, local bishops and Saint Jan Sarkander are buried.

The first cathedral in Olomouc was built in the 12th century. Only part of the walls and foundations of the towers at the facade have survived to this day. It was completely rebuilt after a fire in the mid-thirteenth century, obtaining Gothic features. The following centuries brought numerous changes and expansions of the church. There was, among others, a classicistic presbytery and facade. At the end of the 19th century, the church was regothized.

It is an indoor temple, covered with a hip roof, with a two-tower facade. The third, tallest of the towers was added from the south. The renaissance chapel of Saint Stanislaus also adjoins the corps, in which bishop Stanisław Pavlovski and members of his family are buried. The interior furnishings come mainly from the nineteenth century and is relatively modest. It includes, among others, the neo-Gothic high altar, baptismal font and baroque benches.


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