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Science Fort

Local name: Pevnost poznání

Poznań Fortress is an interactive science center belonging to the University of Olomouc. It is located in former military warehouses. It is divided into several thematic exhibitions, in which children and adults can explore the possibilities of the human brain, experience different properties of light, learn about the role of water in life and learn old ways of learning.

The name of the center refers to the building in which it is located. It is part of a former fortress that was in the city. Destroyed magazines took over the local university creating a place friendly to both children and adults.

The exhibition consists of several parts and is completely interactive. Visitors independently perform subsequent experiments, making their own little "discoveries" in various areas of life. You can find yourself in a huge model of the human brain, check the strength of water and see if you could get the title of journeyman or teach in a 17th century school.


Attractions inside

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    17. listopadu 7779 00 Olomouc , Czechia