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Upper Square

Local name: Horní náměstí

The market square is the central square of Olomouc. It is surrounded by baroque tenements, many of which have retained their original facades. The dominant of the Market Square are the Plague Column, which is on the UNESCO list, and the Gothic town hall, from whose tower you can admire the city panorama.

The market was marked out during the Olomouc location. Tenement houses around him changed their appearance many times. They obtained their current during the city's greatest prosperity. There were stalls in their arcades, and the entire market was above all a space reserved for craftsmen and merchants. Today, various outdoor events and the famous Christmas market take place here.

At the beginning, the most important building of the market was the Gothic town hall, the seat of the municipal and judicial authorities. An astronomical clock was placed on its wall at the end of the 15th century. Currently, it can be admired in the form it gained after World War II. The richly decorated town hall is a representative building of the market, and its tower serves as a viewpoint to the surrounding area. On the other side of the Market is the Baroque Plague Column with gilded figures.


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