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The Olomouc region includes the central and north-western part of Moravia and part of Bohemian Upper Silesia. Its capital is the historic city of Olomouc, and the region is famous for its rich folk culture, regional cottage cheese and many interesting monuments.

The region consists of several different parts in terms of landscape. From the north there are Jaseniki, and then the area falls to the fertile lowlands in the southern part of the country. The tourist division depends on natural conditions. In the northern part of the region active tourism predominates, focused on walking and cycling, while the south is full of interesting towns and historic buildings.

The capital of the country, Olomouc is a city with a very long history, which was the capital of the episcopate during the first Przemyślidów. There is a Romanesque-Gothic episcopal palace, cathedral and a perfectly preserved Old Town, whose ornament is the UNESCO-listed Holy Trinity column.

The Olomouc Region boasts rich culinary traditions. Loštice cottage cheese, which is a popular beer snack, has been produced in Loštice for over 600 years. The herbal liqueur Priessnitz is produced near Olomouc.

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