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Holy hill lookout tower

Local name: Rozhledna Svatý Kopeček

The observation tower is located in the zoo on Święta Górka near Olomouc. It is a metal structure on a 30 meter high triangle plan. From its viewing platform you can admire the panorama of Olomouc, Hostýnské Vrchy, Chřib, and in good weather also the Jeseníky with Praděd.

Svety Kopecek Hill, also known as the Holy Hill, rises to a height of 412 m above sea level. The lookout tower does not stand on the top, but west of it, in the place that was formerly called the Eagle Hill. It is currently a zoo area.

The tower was built in the years 1972–1973. At the beginning of the 21st century it underwent a major renovation. The viewing platform on its top is currently roofed. There are also descriptions with photos, thanks to which it is easier to orientate in the seen landscape. Below the tower there is a small restaurant.


Attractions inside

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