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Zoo Olomouc

Local name: ZOO Olomouc

The biggest attraction of the zoo in Olomouc is a pavilion with various sea creatures, here you can admire the coral reef and exotic species of fish. Sharks live in a 42,000-liter aquarium. A curiosity at the zoo is also a common run for wolves and bears. Tourists can use the lookout tower.

The Olomouc zoo is the largest breeder from South-West Africa: the southern oryx and Caucasian capricorn. It is also the only place where the Berber lions breed in captivity. Rothschild's giraffes also live here - in 1999, twins giraffes were born.

The Olomouc Zoo was opened in 1956. Its area covers over 40 ha, there live about 350 species of animals representing various regions of the world. From the top of the 32-meter observation tower, you can admire not only the inhabitants of the zoo, but also the city with its monuments, and even the highest peak of the Jaseniki mountain range - Pradziada.


Attractions inside

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