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number 26 in the city

Hussite Church

Local name: Husův sbor

The Hussite Church in Olomouc is a neoclassical, monumental building covered with a dome. Its facade is decorated with a colonnade. There is a columbarium under the building.

The Hussite church has been operating in the Czech Republic since the 15th century. One of his temples was built in Olomouc in the years 1924–1925. It was designed by Hubert Aust, who was buried there after his death. It is a three-nave basilica referring to ancient patterns. Above the nave there is a dome behind the lantern. Below the prayer room is a columbarium lined with red marble. Its walls contain urns with ashes of the most important representatives of the local Hussite church.


Attractions inside

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    U Husova sboru 779 00 Olomouc , Czechia