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Javoricske caves

Local name: Javoříčské jeskyně

Javoříčské caves belong to the Moravian Karst. They were formed as a result of cutting limestone rocks through the Špraněk stream. Their chambers and corridors are on three levels. They have a very rich stalactite garment with stalactites, stalagmites and cascades. There is a gulf about 60 meters deep in the cave.
The caves were discovered in 1938, but they are still being researched. To date, speleologists have managed to walk about 3 and a half kilometers of underground corridors. They are located inside a forested hill and spread over several levels.

A tourist trail with a length of about 800 meters is available in the cave. It leads through the most beautiful and largest chambers, called the Giant's Hall and the Debris. In the first from the vault at a height of 18 meters hang huge stalactites. In the cave you can also see a 2-meter high rock drapery and helicopters that are created against the law of gravity.


Attractions inside

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