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Castle Bouzov

Local name: Hrad Bouzov

Bouzov Castle is a neo-Gothic building from the fourteenth century. Above its body is a 58-meter tower, from which you can admire the surrounding area. Representative rooms, guest rooms and a chapel were made available to visitors.

Tourists can choose one of several sightseeing routes. In addition to the traditional ones, during which you can see other chambers, there are also special routes, e.g. for those interested in the technique of building medieval castles. The children are guided by Ohnivc, at the end of the visit they receive a knight's stick.

The climate of the castle has often been appreciated by filmmakers. There were scenes of a children's film based on the motifs of the Tuscan fairy tale about Princess Fantaghiro (dir. Lambert Bava). The castle also became a place of action of the war drama Fri. "Factory of Evil" directed by Dennis Gansel.


Attractions inside

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