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Zbrašovské aragonite caves

Local name: Zbrašovské aragonitové jeskyně

Aragonite caves discovered in 1912 and open to visitors since 1926. The hydrothermal area is protected and has the name of the Landmark National Park.

These caves were created by surface waters and underground sources of mineral water rich in carbon dioxide. The tunnels are filled with stalagmite and aragonite formations. Throughout the year, the temperature in their corridors is around 14 ° C, and the caves are the warmest underground places in the Czech Republic.

The route open to the public is a 375 m tunnel. It consists of several rooms with stalagmites and combined formations, creating interesting forms. The Marble Hall hosts exhibitions and concerts of chamber music.

Underground mineral water sources rich in carbon dioxide are used in nearby spas and Spa Resorts.



Zbrašovské aragonite caves map
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