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Stramberk Castle

Local name: Hrad Štramberk

The ruins of Stramberk Castle are located on a hill above the town. The most visible element is the cylindrical tower that was rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century and transformed into a lookout point. Perimeter walls and the remains of several rooms have survived from the castle itself.

The beginnings of Stramberk Castle are lost in the darkness of history. It is known for certain that in the 13th century he was in the possession of the Knights Templar. After its liquidation, it fell into the hands of King John of Luxembourg. Around 1380, the Beneszowicz family came into his possession, which lived in it until 1533. Later, the stronghold was deserted. It was used as a warehouse and watchtower, and in the 17th century it fell into ruin.

Currently, the castle ruins are a tourist attraction. In 1901, the round tower called Truba was rebuilt under the direction of Prague architect Kamil Hilbert. She then received a conical helmet and stained glass windows. At the top there is also an observation deck open from which you can admire the panorama of the area.


Attractions inside

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    Štramberk 742 66 Štramberk , Czechia