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Castle Hukvaldy

Local name: Hrad Hukvaldy

Hukvaldy Castle is today partially restored, very picturesque ruins (the largest in Moravia). Tourists visiting this place can enjoy the view from the castle tower on the Moravian-Silesian Beskids range and the Moravian Gate. Every year, the Hukvaldy Janáček International Music Festival, a world-famous Czech composer, is held in the park adjacent to the castle. Nearby you can also see the bronze cast of Liska Chytruska, which commemorates the hero of one of Janáček's operas.

Hukvaldy Castle was built in the 13th century. For some time it was the property of the Olomouc bishops, who extended it to form a powerful fortress surrounded by defensive walls with five towers. The stronghold resisted all attacks, it was only destroyed by the fire of 1762. To this day, well-preserved defensive walls have survived, reinforced by as many as nine towers, a courtyard, part of the walls, a tower 34 m high, the Renaissance castle chapel dedicated to St. Andrzej, as well as a 16th-century well.


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