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Technical Museum Tatra Koprivnice

Local name: Technické muzeum Tatra Kopřivnice

The "Tatra" Technical Museum in Koprzywnica is part of the Regional Museum. Its exhibition consists of many antique vehicles, including racing cars, sports cars, military cars and trucks. You can also see old engines, photographs and trophies from car races. A unique attraction of the exhibition is the "Slovak Rocket" train.

The train stands in front of the museum building. This is one of two copies of the Czechoslovak high-speed train, pride of the "Tatra" plant. "Rocket" rode on the route between Prague and Bratislava, defeated it in less than four and a half hours. It was a record result in the 1930s.

While visiting the museum, you can learn the exact history of the Tatra factory, from its very beginnings, that is, from the time of the small workshop of Ignacy Szustal, in which carriages, carriages and sleighs were produced.


Attractions inside

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    Záhumenní 367/1742 21 Koprzywnica , Czechia