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Wallachian Open Air Museum

Local name: Valašské muzeum v přírodě

The Wołoski Open-Air Museum in Rożnów pod Radhoszczem (Rožnov pod Radhoštěm) was established in 1925. It consists of three parts: Wooden Town, Wallachian Village and Mill Valley. In each of them you can see monuments of ancient architecture transferred to this place from many surrounding towns. water sawmill.

The Wooden Town was established first. The beginning of the entire undertaking was the transport of several buildings from the Rożnów market square, including the town hall from the 18th century. With time, the number of buildings increased, today there is even an inn here, where you can eat dishes of traditional Wallachian cuisine.

Wołoska Village is the largest part of the open-air museum, it was opened to visitors in the 1970s. On its territory there are about 20 objects that make up a traditional village, there is a school building and forge.
The youngest part of the open-air museum reveals the secrets of old professions and the mode of operation of the devices that were used on a daily basis. There is a water mill, sawmill, and forge.


Attractions inside

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