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Lešná Chateau

Local name: Zámek Lešná

Located inside: Zoo Zlín

The picturesque castle is one of the youngest noble residences built in Moravia. In its architecture, referring to fairy-tale patterns, you can see elements of the Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Gothic and Neo-Baroque. Today, the castle is located in the municipal zoo. It can be visited with a guide, and the tour usually takes 45 minutes.

The castle area was established in 1804 by the Seilern family. In 1885, the previous two-story residence was demolished and replaced with the present, much more luxurious castle. The owners' apartments were on the ground floor and guest rooms on the first floor. The interior was equipped with all the comforts of that time, including running water, electricity and a telephone.

Currently, 11 rooms are open to the public, where you can see original furniture and decorations. It also houses a collection of valuable items from all over the world, made of ivory, ebony and teak.


Attractions inside

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    Lešná (areál) 763 14 Zlín , Czechia