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Veteran Arena

Local name: Veteran Arena

Veteran Arena is a private museum of vehicles and technology, whose main goal is to show the development of Czech technical thought during the First Republic. There are about 130 cars and motorbikes, engines, telephones and radio receivers.

The museum was founded in 2010. His collection developed from cars and motorcycles to other technical monuments, primarily of Czech production. Currently, there are about 90 cars here, including the largest collection of Wikov cars in the world with 17 pieces. The largest group of cars are the Tatra Mountains produced in different periods of time. The most important of them is Tatra 75 Sport, which only 5 pieces were produced, and the one located in the museum in Olomouc is probably the only surviving model in the world.

In addition to cars and motorcycles, the exhibition also features telephones from the summer of 1890– 1980 and around 150 radio receivers, turntables and other disc players. The whole is complemented by equipment for servicing and maintenance.


Attractions inside

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    Sladovní 3779 00 Olomouc , Czechia