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Zlatokopecky Open-air Museum

Local name: Zlatokopecký skanzen

The Olešnice stream valley in the Golden Mountains is a place where you can see replicas of gold panning mills. A small mining museum was established here, which shows how gold has been obtained since the Middle Ages.

The Golden Mountains took their name from gold deposits that have been exploited here since the 13th century. There are quite a few old tunnels left on the mountain slopes. At the beginning of the 21st century, in the Olešnice stream valley, it was decided to show the entire process of obtaining precious ores. You can go down to the underground corridor based on wooden pillars, see how water-powered mills used to crush the rocks, and finally rinse the golden sand yourself on tin trays. Most of the sand that glows in the sun is not real gold, but mica, also known as "fool's gold." Real precious grains are found very rarely, which illustrates how long former miners had to work to get the desired amount of ore.


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