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Na Pomezi Cave

Local name: Jeskyně Na Pomezí

Na Pomezi Cave is located in the Czech part of the Golden Mountains (Rychlebskie Hory), on the slopes of the Smrecnik Mountain. Created as a result of the dissolution of marble rocks. It has a rich infiltrative garment consisting of drapery, stalactites and stalagmites.

It is one of the few caves of the Czech Karst that is open to the public. It was discovered in 1949. At the beginning of the 21st century, it was adapted for use by tourists. Lighting was installed and safe passageways made. Currently, the tourist route is about half a kilometer long. Guided tour takes 40 minutes. The cave has a constant temperature of about 8 degrees Celsius.

The Na Pomezi cave is characterized by multi-colored walls. Marble rocks have colors from white to pink, blue to brown and orange. These colors intertwine to create streaks that have been highlighted by appropriate lighting. The dissolving marble rocks created beautiful formations that looked like huge trees or waterfalls.


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