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Central cemetery Neředín

Local name: Ústřední hřbitov Neředín

The Jewish cemetery in the Neredin district is today one of the few preserved memorabilia of Olomouc Jews. The first burials began here in 1900. About 1,000 gravestones and a neo-Gothic pre-funeral hall have survived to this day.

The first Jewish cemetery in Olomouc was located in the Sady Smetanove district. At the end of the 19th century, it turned out to be too small for the growing community of local Jews. That is why in 1900 it was decided to establish a new cemetery. It survived to a large extent World War II and is now open to the public.

At the cemetery, you can see the gravestones of Jews belonging to various social spheres. There are both simple, unadorned matzevot and rich tombs imitating Catholic grave chapels. The most impressive tombstones are located around the pre-funeral hall. Were it not for the star of David in the window you could mistake it for a Christian chapel. The cemetery has a monument dedicated to Olomouc Jews murdered by the Germans during World War II.


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