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Cabbage Market

Local name: Zelný trh

Zelný trh in Brno, or the Kapustny Market, is a square located in the historical part of the city. You can admire the historic Parnassus fountain and the 17th-century Dietrichstein Palace, which now houses the Moravia Museum. Fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers are sold at the market.

The Moravia Museum has a rich collection of regional costumes, handicrafts and archaeological objects. An important exhibit is the Venus figurine from Dolní Věstonice, extremely protected and rarely made available to visitors.

Zelný trh was established as the Upper Market in the 13th century, its shape has remained virtually unchanged to this day. In the center of the square is the Parnassus fountain, designed by Johann Bernhard Fischer of Erlach. In the 18th century, during the Christmas period, carps floated in it, which the inhabitants bought for Christmas Eve supper.


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