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Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul

Local name: Katedrála svatých Petra a Pavla

St. Patrick's Cathedral The Apostles Peter and Paul in Brno is an important example of South Moravian architecture. Valuable monuments of sacred art include: the 11-meter high altar in the neo-Gothic style, the 14th-century altar with the Gothic image of the Madonna and Child, and stained glass windows located in the presbytery. The tower offers a beautiful view of the city.

The cathedral is considered a symbol of Brno, its silhouette was placed on a 10-crown coin. Is the seat of the bishop of the Diocese of Brno. It owes its current appearance to the reconstruction from the turn of the century.

According to the statements, during the siege of Brno by the Swedes, General Torstenson ordered the retreat of the troops if they did not conquer the city by noon. At 11.00 the bell ringer started ringing the bell. The Swedes, thinking that the time was up, gave up the attack. To commemorate this event, the bells are heard at 11.00.

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