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Buchlovice Chateau

Local name: Zámek Buchlovice

The palace in Buchlovice was built as a copy of an Italian baroque villa. His architect was Domenico Martinelli, and the construction was commissioned by Count Dietrich von Peterswald, wanting to make it easier for his wife to leave Italy. Here you can see beautiful furniture, porcelain and paintings, as well as bathrooms from the early twentieth century with English tiles and children's rooms full of toys from one hundred years ago.

In the palace cellar you can find the best Moravian wines. Tourists can take part in the evening with their tasting, as well as try local cheeses and cold cuts. It is also possible to gain and deepen knowledge about this drink - for example, through workshops teaching how to assess the color, bouquet and taste of wine.

The history of the Buchlovice Palace is closely related to the nearby Buchlov Castle. As it became obsolete and too expensive to maintain over the years, its then owner Jan Dětřich from Petřwald decided to build a new headquarters.


Attractions inside

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