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Buchlov Castle

Local name: Hrad Buchlov

Buchlov Castle is an impregnable fortress from the 13th century, one of the oldest in Moravia. In addition to interesting architecture, you can also admire the rich natural collection and Egyptological collections, among others. a room with mummies. Tourists also have the opportunity to enter the castle tower, which offers a beautiful panorama of the area. One of the attractions is visiting the castle at night. He is associated with the legend of the Black Lady Catherine, whose spirit is supposedly wandering around the chambers.

Buchlov Castle situated on one of the highest hills of the small Chřiby mountain range. A medieval stronghold was built to protect the important trade route nearby that crosses southern Moravia. The Zdański family, being one of the owners of the fortress, expanded it by transforming it into an impressive residential residence. Today, the restored castle is one of the best preserved royal residences in Moravia.


Attractions inside

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