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Abyss Macocha

Local name: Propast Macocha

The Macocha Abyss is a karst funnel over 138 meters deep, belonging to the Punkva cave complex (Moravian Karst). The chasm can be viewed from various levels - while visiting the caves and from the Upper and Lower Most. At its bottom there is a small lake, which is 50 meters deep.

The first descent into it was recorded in the 18th century, it was done by Lazar Schopper from the order of Friars Minor. Today you can admire her in the company of a guide.

There is a folk legend associated with the name of the chasm. According to her, a resident of a nearby village tried to murder her stepson, who allegedly took strength from her sick child. She pushed him into the abyss, but the child managed to save himself by grabbing branches. About what happened told foresters who decided to impose themselves, pushing the stepmother into the abyss, from now on called the stepmother.


Attractions inside

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